Ever Build One Strike Ready Mixed Filler 250ml, 450ml, 1L

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One Strike Filler is formulated using lightweight Polymer Bubbles that fills most holes and cracks in just one quick application.

One Strike will not shrink, sag or crack therefore will not need a second application.
The filler finishes smooth, requiring little or no sanding and can be ready for painting in approximately 30 minutes.
This One Strike Filler comes in 3 Tub Sizes
Fills holes or gaps in
  • Plaster
  • Brick 
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Render


Fills up to 75 mm deep in one application.
Easy to use – lightweight paste is easy to apply.
No sanding required – finishes smooth.
No sagging – the properties of this filler prevent sagging even on ceilings.
Non Shrink – will not shrink back while drying.
Quick Drying – ready for painting or papering in 30 minutes.
Overpaintable with must solvent based or emulsion paints.
Internal or External Use.
Dries Brilliant White.
Movement Accommodation – Low
Maximum Fill 75mm in one coat Further layers may be built up
Maximum Width 50mm
Application Temperature 5°C – 30°C
pH 7.5 – 9.7
  •  Do not use to fill plastic or metals.
  •  Do not apply when rain is imminent (external use).
  •  Do not apply in temperatures (ambient and surface) below 5 Degrees Cel.
  •  Freezing damages the product.
  •  Do not use in areas subject to continuous water immersion.
  •  Use within 24 months.
Application Instructions
All surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dust and grease.
Apply direct from tub with spatula/spreader.
Smooth over surface and allow to dry.
Sanding is not normally required although the product may be sanded if required.
If sanding is required, wear a dust mask and avoid inhalation of dust

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1 L, 250 ML, 450 ML


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