Extra Gypsum Plaster / Filler GS-5 FRANSPOL 20 kg

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Extra GS-5 Gypsum Putty is a dry mix produced on the basis of selected natural ingredients,

mineral fillers and components that improve the technical and functional properties of the mortar.

The mortar, made of Extra GS-5 Filler Gypsum, has very good adhesion and spreads easily on the substrate.

After drying, it can be easily sanded, creating perfect surfaces for painting or wallpapering.

Extra GS-5 Gypsum Filler is a high-quality, slow-setting finishing material with high adhesion to the substrate.

It is plastic during application and harder than putty.

Intended mainly for renovation, finishing and decorative works in construction, in particular, it allows you to bring walls and ceilings to a perfect smoothness before painting.

Used for filling on concrete substrates, cement-lime and cement plasters indoors.

Extra GS-5 Gypsum Filler can be used as the final layer for plasterboard joints.

  • White when dry
  • Increased hardness
  • Easy to apply and process
  • Working time 1 hour
  • Manual and machine application

This binder is not used on wooden, metal and plastic substrates.

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