Exterior Wall Rendering Services, Repairs and re-rendering in Barnsley

A full range of rendering services

  • Full house re-rendering
  • Patch repairs to render
  • Decorative mouldings & features
  • Coloured render systems
  • Part house rendering
  • Property assessment & surveying
  • Weatherproof renders & coatings

We are experts in exterior wall rendering, both for houses and for larger projects in Barnsley.

We have a high level of competence with all types of rendering, including lime render, acrylic renders, sand and cement mortar render and the latest in through-coloured rendering.

We generally get called in to re-render a house or carry out repairs to existing render or pebbledash in and around Barnsley usually in preparation for applying one of our weatherproof external wall coating system to your home.

There is some handy information on this page about all types of exterior wall rendering, including methods, common problems (and their solutions) and the services that can be accessed via this website.

If you are searching for plasterers or builders to carry out rendering work then a quote and site visit from us is free and without obligation. We will beat any price you may have had from a competitor. We do not render small patches or small areas.

House Rendering Services

We can refurbish any exterior wall

You have landed yourself on the UK’s most popular site all about exterior wall rendering, written by an expert with hands-on experience since 1985. If your exterior walls are cracked and the rendering (or pebbledash) is looking way past it’s “sell-by date” then talk to us on 01226 824382 and we will get you the very best price possible.

The sort of rendering we carry out is followed by a protective application of our exterior wall coating system, every time, meaning all rendering work we do comes with a 20-year warranty.

We are happy to carry out render repairs and a full re-render, within the scope of preparing to paint the house afterwards with our wall coating system.

We specialise in invisible repairs to patches of loose and hollow render

In the course of our work, all rendering we do complies as near as possible to the British & European Standard for the design and application of external render (BS EN 13914-1:2005).

So what’s wall rendering all about?

Rendering is the process of applying a protective and durable wall covering to the exterior walls of a house or other building and this can be done by hand or by machine. Rendering a wall is best left to those with experience however, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Due to the different nature of construction materials used in building houses, various different render materials can be used for different effects. Rendering is also sometimes referred to as exterior plastering, and Simple Solution 4 U  can repair and refurbish ANY exterior wall type, guaranteed!

Rendering an exterior building wall has many functions and the most prominent being that of weather protection, which is very important to stop damp and other issues. Sand and cement render does provide some protection, however, combined with weather-resistant paint or coating, the rendered wall can be decorative too.

So what's wall rendering all about?

If you need your house render walls repaired or even completely re-rendered in Barnsley, we provide this service, and MUCH more and we are only a phone call away.

Professional, time-served & experienced wall renderers in Barnsley.

As a professional organisation of wall coating contractors, our teams have been repairing and making good all kinds of rendered walls since 1985.  

Which render wall coatings are available?

We repair render, tyrolean and pebble-dash, as well as smooth stucco and flat rendered walls, however, we don’t leave bare and unpainted render, we always protect it with a smooth or textured exterior masonry coating.

This means that once you have had your house re-rendered and wall coated, you don’t have to call us back for at least the next 20 years!

Wall Render repairs carried out to perfection!

If your home has rendered or pebble-dashed walls and the external wall surface has specific areas of repair needed, our teams can carry our repairs which when our special spray applied wall coating is applied over the top, we guarantee that the repairs will naturally blend in and you will not be able to see anything was ever wrong with your house in the first place!

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