330 Dolphin Roller ROTATING Roller Handle (25cm)

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Product Summary

  • 25cm
  • Roller handle only
  • super strong nylon cage with bearings for smooth rolling
  • quick release spring prevents slippage
  • chrome-plated shank prevents rusting
  • ergonomically designed handle for comfortable grip.
  • Requires roller cover

Product Information

Extra strong nylon cage with bearings for smooth and easy rolling and it also has spring type locking device that prevents roller slippage. Chrome shank is extra chrome plated, to prevent rusting and it is securely mounted with handle that provides a very comfortable grip.

Rotating Dolphin Roller 25cm roller handle 330 series with a rotary joint- a faster and much easier way of painting than a traditional painting handle. The 360º swivel joint enables easier access to the wall surface at ceilings, under eaves, stairs, etc. 

Additional information

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